Hello Friends, It is my great pleasure to announce the opening of our Jacksonville based online Facebook Store.  It’s called SHOPIFY and is conveniently located at the center of our Facebook page under our “APPS”.  Shopify is an online platform that we will use in order to get our products out to you in the most convenient way possible. You can view the available products and purchase them as you wish. Shopify will be used as our only online store. Our key focus for using Shopify is to allow our beauty products to be within reach to you, meaning that everyone will be able to purchase our professional products at an exceptional price.  While we are certainly committed to increase the types and range of beauty products that we carry, eventually we plan to expand our range of OPI products beyond what we have now.  Although we do not have any retail outlet at this moment, we aim to provide you with more affordable, readily available, and quality beauty products as time goes on. Please call us at 904 781-1090 if you need any assistance or would like to offer some feedback. Alternatively, you can email me at vinnie5043@gmail.com.  We encourage you and all of your friends to share and like our Facebook page. Your shares, likes, and feedback will help us in serving you better and offering more affordable prices. Please visit our online store at:https://www.facebook.com/victorianailsupply  Victoria Nail Supply, “We Can Help You.” Vinnie Le Marketing Director Jacksonville, Florida, USA